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Biological Serum

Biological Serum

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Serum Biologique is a vegan product made with organic ingredients obtained under the highest ethical and quality standards in the world, free of animal cruelty, toxic, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives and 97% free of plastic packaging.

Serum Biologique has multiple qualities, backed by years of research and formulation to provide benefits to the skin of the face and entire body, as well as to beards and hair, as well as having purifying and harmonizing properties thanks to its botanical ingredients.

Due to its light, non-comedogenic and synthetic filler-free quality, it is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy feeling or residue.

It moisturizes deeply, leaving a thin sebum-regulating and protective film that lasts all day and is fully compatible with the natural pH of the skin's acid mantle, helping it to fulfill its protective functions.

Likewise, it is friendly to the skin's microbiota, maintaining a perfect balance, while keeping certain bacteria at bay.

A sophisticated, elegant, effective, and ethical serum.

A formula that condenses benefits and releases harmony.

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