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Pure Framboise.

Pure Framboise.

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PURE FRAMBOISE is a vegan serum made with cold-pressed raspberry seed oil, obtained under organic production standards and the best quality in the world.

It is free of animal cruelty, toxic, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives and 97% free of plastic packaging.

PURE FRAMBOISE improves the health and appearance of both skin and hair, its non-comedogenic formulation has a light and silky texture that allows better absorption of nutrients and a lasting feeling of hydration and moisturization and protection without residue.

Raspberry Seed Oil has the highest alpha linoleic acid content of any fruit seed oil.

Completely fragrance-free, rich in antioxidants, it offers UV protection naturally without benzophenones or mineral nanoparticles. A light, delicious and complete serum.

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